I Know What You’re Thinking…

“Really, Alex? Champagne in a MUG?”

The answer is: yes, obviously. As I’ve mentioned in my Bio, I’m constantly learning more about the beverage industry through my studies and through my profession in the fabulous world of Food and Beverage.

That being said, let’s chat about why (in my professional opinion) the tried and true ceramic coffee mug is my container of choice:

If you’re drinking champs in a flute or a coupe glass, you’re doing it wrong.

Sparkling wine experts will attest to this:

  1. Flutes stifle the aromas of the beverage by concentrating the surface area to such a small opening. If you’re drinking your champagne in a flute, it will be more difficult to note an impactful difference between drinking a glass of Peach Andre and a glass of Veuve Cliquot. (LOL! I’m being a lottle dramatic there.)
  2. Coupe glasses (the glasses you see stacked at weddings that look like a saucer with a stem) have the exact opposite effect on the beverage. Because the surface area exposed is so large, the bubbles that we enjoy so much escape too quickly, often leading the beverage to fall flat in terms of flavor and fizz. How depressing is that?

Wait, what?

Ok, so I just told you that the two most commonly used glasses for throwing back bubbly are the wrong ones to use. You’re probably questioning everything you know right about now, and I’m sorry for doing that to you, BUT, a classic white wine glass has actually been deemed the container of choice to experience bubbly. Why, you ask? Well, the bowl of this glass lends itself to allowing the champagne to express its aromas and nuances without interference from the two extremes in classic champagne containers.

Champagne shouldn’t just be saved for special occasions.

When I think about popping open some bubbly, I generally think of two occasions: celebrations and bottomless mimosas (and really, the fact that being drunk at 11am is socially acceptable deserves a celebration in itself).

Champagne and sparkling wine producers drink that sweet nectar of the gods on a regular basis, so I see no reason why the rest of us shouldn’t! Now, I’m not suggesting that you should crack another bottle of Perignon like Wiz Khalifa*, but drinking a decent glass of bubbly will set you back about the same as a nice red or white wine, so why not pop some bottles?

Here’s where the mug comes in…

Ok, so I told you straight up that a white wine glass is the “proper” glass for imbibing your bubbles, right? The bowl is perfect for aroma diffusion, and the stem on the glass prevents heat transfer from your hot little hands!

Well, consider that your lesson in champagne for the day and continue drinking champagne from whatever container you damn well please.** That’s right! What it boils down to is that I just like drinking out of mugs. My mug usually has something snarky written on it or has pretty colors, which I select based on my mood, and a handle on it that prevents the Queen of Clumsy (oh, hi, that’s me) from spilling all over herself. For me, a mug equates to comfort relaxation, and isn’t that what enjoying a beverage is all about?

Also, Champagne in a Mug is just a cute name for a blog. Sue me.



*If you have the money to crack bottles of Dom Perignon on the beach for no reason in particular, please contact me. 

**For the love of all that is holy, please use a white wine glass if you are consuming the aforementioned Perignon…PLEASE.


One thought on “I Know What You’re Thinking…

  1. Reblogged this on Shami's Gourmet and commented:
    Welcome back to Wine Wednesday and another day of lameness for us. Work is proceeding apace on the new items in the site, but we really don’t have the time to write anything substantive.
    However, yesterday, while reading through the “wine” tag in wordpress, I ran across a very interesting and well written post on a brand new blog. Both the blog and the post were titled “champagne in a mug,” and I thought they were worth sharing.
    I hope our readers enjoy it, and I hope the author keeps writing.

    Bon Appetit!


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