When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Sangria.

So I first want to apologize for being the worst blog mommy ever: I abandoned my baby blog short term because of a myriad of reasons – honestly┬ásometimes life can seem like a never-ending hangover.┬áRegardless, I’m back and ready to write drunk and edit (almost) sober.

One of my self-imposed life requirements is that I take away a positive morsel from every low point.

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I Know What You’re Thinking…

“Really, Alex? Champagne in a MUG?”

The answer is: yes, obviously. As I’ve mentioned in my Bio, I’m constantly learning more about the beverage industry through my studies and through my profession in the fabulous world of Food and Beverage.

That being said, let’s chat about why (in my professional opinion) the tried and true ceramic coffee mug is my container of choice:

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